As the people’s resistance to the assimilation proposal grows, so does the government’s nervousness. They are trying in every possible way to prevent the people from massively, dignified and loudly saying NO, by infiltrating provocateurs, by staging ethnic tensions or by direct threats and reports. But the people are not afraid of them. The more they press them, the more motivated and louder the people come out to the massive protests, VMRO-protestDPMNE emphasizes.

The people, intellectuals and experts see that this proposal is bad. With it, Macedonia is given two options, either to negotiate endlessly or to assimilate. The protocol, which the government hides and which foreign media publishes, contains specific obligations for Macedonia with which we undertake to change textbooks, to change historical facts about characters and events, to change the Constitution and similar dictates that are extremely humiliating.

Citizens see that the government will try to cover up this humiliation and ultimatum with theater in the Parliament which will mean absolutely nothing. The government is the one that needs to come to its senses and listen to the people who have a clear attitude NO to ultimatums and dictates.

The more Kovacevski and the government turn a deaf ear to the people’s demands, the more massive the protests will be. VMRO-DPMNE supports the massive, peaceful and dignified nationwide protests and therefore calls on the citizens to join the protest in front of the Government building today at 19h and even more strongly to say ULTIMATUM, NO THANKS!