The Skopje Gynecology Clinic informed the public that the 37 year old woman who died along with her baby after giving birth yesterday is yet to be tested for the coronavirus. A likely cause of death is sepsis, but coronavirus is not ruled out.

The clinic says that the woman was brought with a fever of 39 degrees and the baby was dead in utero. “During the intervention, the patient unfortunately got into a crisis. She was intubated and an attempt to reanimate her was made but unfortunately she died. An autopsy will be performed”, the clinic said, adding that the patient had prior health issues and was not performing her obgyn check-ups.

Another patient, from Kumanovo, whose family member is likely infected with Covid-19, gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was afterwards herself diagnosed with the virus. The mother is hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases Clinic, while the baby will be swabbed later today.