The Dutch Parliament has given Albania a red light to start EU accession talks, and unconditional green light to Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE lawmaker Antonio Milososki tweeted late on Tuesday.

Considering the decision to open negotiations with Albania and Macedonia in a package is not an option for the Netherlands, he added.

However, Milososki warns, Dutch Minister Bloc will be absent during a ministerial meeting in Luxembourg when deciding on Macedonia and Albania (to be accompanied by the royal couple on an important trade visit to India), with some MPs having a dilemma how this will be reflected in the dutch positions during the ministerial council. Opposition far-left and far-right parties opposed the start of negotiations with both Macedonia (mentioning the “Racket” case) and Albania (problems with the Constitutional Court and drug cartels), while the Green Party proposed to follow the position of the German Bundestag.

The majority of lawmakers, however, have decided that the Netherlands will support a decision to open negotiations with Macedonia, but are strongly against any decision to open negotiations with Albania.