On March 27, 2020, Macedonia became the newest member of NATO. From this moment, Macedonia, as part of the most powerful North Atlantic Alliance, is a safe state and far from any danger to the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Macedonia, as a member of NATO, makes its contribution to every country in which world peace must be ensured, says the Alliance for Albanians.

According to this party, the Russian aggression against Ukraine, threatening global security, once again proved that as part of NATO, the citizens and the country are protected by the alliance of the most powerful states in the world.

Alliance for Albanians was lucky to contribute to the process of Macedonia’s membership in NATO. Alliance for Albanians with the same dynamics and seriousness will make a political and programmatic contribution to speeding up the EU membership process together with the challenges of the constitutional amendments which are a prerequisite and primary goal of the country’s membership in the EU, the party emphasizes.