In the wake of the leadership  meeting between PM Kovacevski and the opposition leader Mickoski, the MP Group of the coalition For the Renewal of Macedonia led by VMRO-DPMNE reaffirmed its position against the amendments to the Macedonian Constitution.

“Macedonian citizens always supported and will continue to support the country’s EU integration, however, it shouldn’t contort into a humiliating process of yielding to  diktats, but a process that acknowledges and respects values. Therefore, as the MP Group of the coalition For the Renewal of Macedonia, led by VMRO-DPMNE, we demand in behalf of the vast majority of the Macedonian citizens a fair chance for  EU integration, same as the one the other states and peoples of Central and Eastern Europe had when they started the EU integration processes”, the MP Group informed.

The Group appeals to the Government and the ruling coalition’s MPs to break with the servility and stop quashing the state and national interests, reminding them that this Parliamentary Assembly does not have the mandate to bring a decision so contrary to the will of the vast majority of citizens.

The opposition MPs also asked Mickoski to convey their position to PM Kovacevski at their Wednesday leadership meeting.