This is the Prespa Agreement. If there was a credible, national, patriotic, social, popular Greek Government, it would have done this, said the leader of the right-nationalist party Greek Solution Kyriakos Velopoulos from the floor of the Parliament and tore the sheet with the Agreement from Prespa, the MIA correspondent from Athens reported.

At today’s session in the Parliament where a law from the Ministry of Culture was discussed, and the topic was in no way the Greek foreign policy, Velopoulos referred to the so-called national issues. In the following, he took out the document with the Agreement from Prespa, said that if the Government cannot do it, they will do it and tore the sheet.

He directed sharp criticism at the Greek Government, calling on it to bring the three memoranda for ratification “for all parties to vote against”. Greek Solution is a party that was sixth in last year’s elections with 4.44 percent of the votes and won 12 deputies, and on the latest surveys of public opinion in Greece has an increased rating that reaches up to seven percent and moves to the fourth and fifth positions