“Either stand up to defend the dignity of the party or let’s all go home” is part of the message, which is claimed on social networks to be just one of the calls to SDSM membership to attend today’s celebration of Ilinden on Meckin Kamen, where Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevs delivered an address.

Many angry SDSM members confirmed that there were similar messages and pressure on everyone from the party.


Some of them responded to the call and went to Krusevo. SDSM assures that “the interest of the citizens in attending the event was huge”.

But all those who failed to reach Krusevo and followed the Macedonian Radio and Television broadcast, noticed that even this ordered audience was not enough to overpower the citizens who booed the delegation led by Kovacevski. It was so expected and certain that MTV had already prepared music from the studio to play in place of the original audio.