The work of Katica Janeva and SPO is not just an ordinary make-up and showing some activity, as they tell themselves on the phone. Their work is very serious because they took 4 million euros a year from the citizens, and we see that they used them to extort more money and to politically influence Zoran Zaev’s opponents, VMRO-DPMNE says.

Katica Janeva and the SPO received huge salaries, abusing their trust and powers by committing pure crime along with the octopus head Zoran Zaev. We see that the SPO was intended to create political cases on the basis of which it would then extort pressure and racketeering in favor of the pardoned Zoran Zaev, but perhaps for personal gain as we still do not know where the millions that Boki Tredici took from the businessmen ended up. The public was convinced that Katica Janeva was involved in the entire construction and, together with Boki Tredici, had given guarantees to the accused, reads VMRO-DPMNE press release.

The party added that it was now clear why the SPO was deleting forensic computers and hiding phones that they first said were lost and then turned out to be in hiding while data was being deleted.

The role of the Ruskoska Prosecution, which is doing everything to protect Zaev and Janeva, is also clear, and that is why in the middle of the investigation they went on vacation to have the opportunity to destroy evidence and to influence witnesses in order not to determine their guilt. The institutions must thoroughly investigate this huge scandal involving Katica Janeva, Zoran Zaev and many other SDSM officials. The case must not be left behind and stop to the two defendants, Boki Tredici and Zoran Mileski Kicheec, who are the only tentacles of the octopus that Zaev created, VMRO-DPMNE says.

This scandal, they emphasize, is just another proof that Zaev and SDSM have destroyed the rule of law, undermined the reputation of the Republic of Macedonia abroad and seriously jeopardized Macedonia’s European integration.

The day is coming when SDSM will leave and the rule of law will start to work, and then all those involved in the cartel and the octopus together with their head Zoran Zaev will be held accountable for all the crimes they have committed in the past three years, the party said.