The Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the talks with SONK offered a 10% increase in the salaries that will be provided by the budget revision.

The Government considers that it is extremely important that the status of employees in education is constantly improving, according to the established practice of this government.

The Government considers that it is irresponsible, despite the offered solution for salary increase in education and child protection and upbringing, to continue the strike and to destroy the already established educational process in conditions when we are facing an economic and health crisis. The best interests of the children should come first, because the right to education of every child is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Students should return to schools, where they belong, the government said.

It warns that with the continuation of the strike and the rejection of the Government’s offer which opens space for permanent solution and improvement of the standard of employees in education, the risk of extension of the school year is particularly certain.

Additionally, according to the Law on Labor Relations and the Collective Agreement for Primary and Secondary Education, and for the employees in the public institutions for care and education of preschool children, the employees who are on strike will be paid only the salary contributions.