The system is falling apart, and the citizens are paying the incompetent rule of SDSM with their own lives. Healthcare can no longer meet the needs of citizens, and SDSM brags that Zaev is dancing with the pandemic, says VMRO DPMNE.

According to the party, the poor crisis management is taking more and more casualties with each passing day.

We are all in danger, and the dancers Zaev, Spasovski and Filipce, live in parallel reality and brag about how they dance brilliantly. The inability of the SDSM-led government to deal with the corona virus has resulted in more and more sick and dead people, VMRO DPMNE said in a press release.

The number of infected people among medical staff is increasing daily. That’s more than 20 percent of infected medical staff.

Now is the time to protect medical workers and VMRO DPMNE proposes:

1. to immediately provide appropriate equipment through central procurement in order to have an insight into whether there is sufficient equipment for medical personnel.

2. to start by testing a larger number of people, especially medical workers.

3. it is necessary to seek help from all countries and international institutions that can provide it, the part says.