The connection between the Prosecutor’s Office, the court and SDSM does not end even during the local elections. Katerina Tundzeva is on the list of councilors of SDSM for the Municipality of Karpos. Her name is not known at all, nor does it attract attention.

But she is the daughter of Boris Tundzev, who is a favorite forensic expert of the prosecution. He was conducting the forensic analysis in the “Toplik” case for the “Sunny City” complex, despite the remarks by the defense of the defendants that there is a conflict of interest and that his analysis must not be part of the list of evidence.

His analysis was disputable for the defense because Tundzev is also the director of the Cadastre Agency, and at the moment when he was doing the forensic analysis, his license had expired.

However, Judge Shabani did not take this into account and accepted his analysis as valid.