The whole game is for Albania to start the negotiations because there are no conditions for Albania, there are conditions for Macedonia and here only Albania benefits, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski said in an interview with TV Alfa late on Monday.

Nikoloski recalled that he stated back in 2018 that Bujar Osmani from the position of Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Ditmir Bushati made an agreement for Macedonia to slow down the reforms in order to form a new group of Macedonia and Albania, because previously Albania was in a group with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, i.e. undefined states.

Until then that group did not exist because Macedonia was in a group with Croatia, and when Croatia entered the EU it was left alone because Greece made a problem with the name, and the group was Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, that group normally did not correspond to Albania because that these two are undefined countries, and Albania, in order to get out of that group, very wisely used this team, which is now in DUI, and stuck to Macedonia. And from this perspective it is very clear why they did it. And that is to congratulate their diplomacy, but to the detriment of Macedonia. First they got out of a bad group, they entered a group with Macedonia, Macedonia is dragging them and now that Macedonia is burdened with problems from Bulgaria, they stand out and continue negotiations, explained Nikoloski.

Nikoloski said that the essence of the French proposal is for Albania to start negotiations, not Macedonia. The essence of all this is for Edi Rama and Albania to start negotiations, and the public must know that.