The Skopje Drama Theater will hold a commemoration of its actress Biljana Belicanec on Tuesday. Belicanec took her own life aged 45 on Saturday evening.

Condolences pore through the day as her shocked friends and colleagues remembered Biljana.
– Sometimes the smile we wear is just the mask, put there to conceal the angst within us, wrote actor Toni Mihajlovski.

Writer Venko Andonovski, who had Belicanec bring to life Sarah from his Genetics of the Dogs lamented the actress who, he said, “slipped from this raft of envy and anger” we sail on. Vasil Zafircev compared her fate to that of Medea, the Euripides heroine which is the best known role Belicanec portrayed.

During the VMRO-DPMNE rally in Radovis today, party supporters offered a moment of silence in her honor. Belicanec was one of the few women mayors in Macedonia, and led the central Skopje  district of Kisela Voda, elected on the VMRO ticket in 2013.