Today we are visiting Gevgelija to get acquainted first hand with what is happening here in the city together with the MP from Gevgelija and the president of the municipal committee of VMRO-DPMNE to meet with the citizens and talk. The picture we see on Sunday, a non-working day during the weekend is really sad, the city is completely frozen, paralyzed as a result of the corona crisis but also as a consequence of the incompetence of the government, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.

Macedonia is on the bottom in terms of vaccination not only in the region but in the whole of Europe and unfortunately also holds the infamous top places according to the number of coronavirus deaths. It affects people, not only in the area of fear, not only in the area of home closure but also in the economy, and in the health battle, said Nikoloski, adding that there is a complete collapse of the healthcare system as a result of the corrupt government.

According to him, the incompetent and corrupt government has failed to obtain vaccines for the citizens, that they were only interested in commission. He says that if were not for the donations from neighboring Serbia, there would be no vaccines in the country.

Answering a journalist question regarding Zaev’s helicopter ride to Prilep and his claim that it was cheaper to come that way than by car, Nikoloski denounced his move, saying there has never been such a self-centered and incompetent politician in the 30 years of the country’s independence and that is why he needs to resign as soon as possible.