The new president, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, did not say the word “North” at the swearing-in ceremony. She swore in Macedonia and kept her word that she would respect it but not use the new name of the country. She said that she could not believe that she would gain so much trust

The only person who claimed that they will receive a wolf’s trust is Hristijan Mickoski. I said it is not possible.

– I will respect this parliament, I will forget the bad moments, I will remember only the good ones, I will be the president of both the left and the right, of all citizens, I will not make a difference between them on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender or any other basis. I will try to justify these thousands of votes, which are not only the most beautiful gift for my birthday, but also the greatest obligation and responsibility, said Siljanovska-Davkova at the inauguration of the 151st session of the Assembly, which was led by its previous president Jovan Mitreski.

She dedicated her speech to the women who, she said, are the ones for whom she decided to run for this duty and because she wants to inspire them that it is possible in the country for a woman to become the president of the state.

She emphasized that trust is very important and she will justify it because she got this opportunity and because, she said, she got the chance to be surrounded by many women.

The first and basic criterion “for association” with it will be expertise and competence, and the rule of law is what, he said, will make this country European, not “the rule of the few, not the rule of men.”

He said that it is time for unity “which can mean both female philosophy and female authenticity” and that we have the state thanks not only to the comites and partisans, but also to comites like Sirma Vojvotka and partisans like Vera Tsiriviri-Trena, Vera Jocic and Ibe Palkuca.