We are friends with Russia despite their opposition to becoming a NATO member, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said, who together with Russian Ambassador Sergey Bazdnikin attended the opening of a new Lukoil gas station in the Singelic settlement.

Zaev said he will meet him as part of their regular communication, not related to the recent phone conversation with the Russian pranksters.

We have regular communication with all ambassadors. This meeting was scheduled ten days ago. I believe that these pranks or fake performances are private arrangements, not an act of the Russian Federation, and such things must not interfere with our friendly relations. Cooperation with the Russian Federation is one of our goals, strengthening that cooperation in an economic and every plan, Zaev said, answering a journalist question whether he had talked to Bazdnikin about the phone conversations with fake Poroshenko and Stoltenberg, in which, among other things, he said that the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic is under Russian influence.