It is now up to EU leaders to talk to each other to change the rules of the game, and it is up to the country to fulfill certain tasks, French Ambassador Christian Thimonier said answering a journalist question whether France would change its stance on the issue of enlargement until May at the EU summit in Zagreb, when European leaders announced they would return to the topic again.

Thimonier says the country has to fulfill certain tasks, successful elections and anti-corruption laws, whose adoption he says would be a very strong signal.

First of all, what we need to do is talk to each other to change the rules of the game. At the same time, if you can make progress on your part it will be even better, especially if the elections are successful, which will be a sign of more political stabilization, Thimonier said Thursday in a statement to the media at the French Studies Fair.

According to him, there are certain things that this Government has time to bring until January 3, and which until then, as he said, should work in full capacity.