Talks continue and I think there is no need to dramatize things, and especially not to set reciprocal ultimatums, said the French Ambassador to Macedonia, Christian Thimonier in an interview with “Vecer” daily.

Everyone agrees on the main starting points: first, the health of the citizens cannot be negotiated and second, the establishment of a legitimate Parliament is necessary for the country to be able to deal with the challenges in this critical period and to be accepted, and then to use international aid quickly and efficiently. But let’s not be naive: there are also political calculations about the date, so it is believed that a faster or later date will benefit or harm one or the other. Circumstances are too serious to find a common compromise solution with a reasonable date and in the hope that the virus will be understood, which is not certain. The practical considerations of the State Election Commission on the time required to prepare the lists well should also be taken into account for an indisputable result, Thimonier said.