Faced with numerous facts about crime, corruption and abuse of position, Artan Grubi began to lie and manipulate. Yesterday, in a guest appearance on a show on national television, he said that no money was paid from his ministry to his brother’s company, this was pointed out today by Marija Miteva from VMRO-DPMNE in a press conference.

Artan Grubi lied when he said that money was not paid by his ministry to the ETC TRAVEL company of his brother, Veton Grubi. The truth is that in addition to the payments made by the Government to Veton Grubi’s ETC TRAVEL and the Ministry of Political System headed by Artan Grubi, on 25.02.2022 it paid MKD 21,328 to the company. Maybe for Artan Grubi 22,000 denars is not a large sum of money, but therefore 22 million euros for supervision is significant and important money for him. The document from the “Open Finances” system is proof that Minister Artan Grubi pays directly to the ETC TRAVEL account of his brother Veton Grubi. In addition to this payment from the Ministry of Political System, Veton Grubi’s company has other payments in the amount of over 1 million denars from the Government in the period 2020 to 2021, says Miteva.

She adds that the payment of budget money from the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations where Artan Grubi is the minister to ETC TRAVEL of Veton Grubi’s brother is direct corruption, abuse of position and conflict of interests.