The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said Tuesday in Veles said that these are elections that choose between injustice and crime, on the one hand and justice, honesty, upright and proud Macedonia, on the other.

These are elections when we decide on the future of our families, elections in which we need to clear the image of our ancestors, the choice now on July 15 is between injustice, humiliation, and on the other hand justice and dignity, said Mickoski.

He pointed out that the Macedonian people had beat greater evil than this leadership of SDSM.

He assessed that SDSM must end up on the shameful side of history, and now we must write a new history.

In Veles he called on the politically undecided and members of SDSM who do not support such leadership of SDSM, to support VMRO-DPMNE to save the country.

We need an opposition that loves Macedonia, not led by Zaev, Mickoski said.

He announced an uncompromising fight against crime and corruption, restoring values in society, pointing out that the Renewal project has details on how to improve life in Macedonia in all fields and for all.

He said that we need real integration into the EU, honestly and with dignity, and that what is ours should be respected, because we are not looking for other people’s things, but we are fighting fiercely for what is ours.

The Macedonian Goce Delcev is ours and no one has the right to take it from us, neither Dame, nor Pitu. Those who respect us will respect our native Macedonian language, because it is taught at more than 160 universities in the world. There are no negotiations for that, it is our native Macedonian language and that is our red line, Mickoski said.