It is impermissible for a minister to express dissatisfaction against a court decision, says the executive director of the coalition “All for a fair trial” Natali Petrovska after ministers Bojan Maricic and Ljupco Nikolovski complained that judges of the Court of Appeals accepted the offered bail of 11 million euros for Saso Mijalov to be released from detention.

Petrovska told “A1on” says that it is interference in the judiciary, which is independent and sovereign. Judges’ decisions can be controlled by a higher court, but not by government ministers.

The decision on the Court of Appeals has not yet been made public. What is even worse is that three judges decide by secret voting, and the Minister of Justice Bojan Maricic points his finger at two, which indicates that he knew who was in favor of the release of Mijalkov and who was against.