Three of the 15 healthcare workers at the “8 September” hospital who are infected with Covid-19 have been hospitalized, the director of the hospital prof. Dr. Hristijan Kostov told “Republika”.

The Ministry of Health informed Monday that three patients have passed and 127 new coronavirus cases have been registered. By the morning, 10 new patients have been admitted to the “8 September” hospital, and a total of 42 patients have been hospitalized. There are 8 patients on mechanical ventilation, and 7 more patients show severe symptoms of the disease.

All infected healthcare workers are from different departments. Five of them have a show more serious symptoms, and three are hospitalized. It is about medical staff from several departments. So far, there is no danger of closing any department, says Dr. Kostov.

According to the director, the staff was probably infected outside the hospital because, as he says, the protection of the staff at the hospital at a very high level.

We didn’t have a single coronavirus case [among hospital staff] for three months. The infection came from outside, not from the hospital. The infected healthcare workers show mild symptoms. The others are in home isolation, Dr. Kostov told “Republika”.

He confirmed that they at least 10 new patients are admitted at the hospital every night.

We have help from the Infectious Diseases Clinic, two anesthesiologists and several nurses came. So far, we are not closing any department. I banned any staff gathering, says Kostov.

At the “8 September” hospital, there are currently 8 patients on mechanical ventilation, 2 use CPAP masks and six are receiving oxygen therapy.

medical staff at the “8 September” hospital have so far managed to have two patients who were on mechanical ventilation removed from the machine, one at the age of 35 and one at the age of 47.

Since March 18, when the state of emergency was declared, the 400-bed hospital has been operating practically as an infectious disease clinic.