Zaev sells the Macedonian identity!

28.11.2020 Zoran Zaev

The Macedonian language and the Macedonian identity are not on the negotiating table. Nowhere in the world is identity and one’s mother tongue negotiated. Bulgaria recognizes the reality of the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity.

4.12.2020 Dragi Georgievski

According to the Bulgarian colleagues, the use of the adjective “Macedonian” is limited by them almost completely, regardless of how it is written in that agreement and how we interpret the agreement.

5.12.2020 Zoran Zaev

When you talk about the Macedonian textbooks, when you talk about the Macedonian history, when you talk about Makedonski Brod… they insist to say the history of the Republic of Macedonia everywhere.

Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people!