Lawyer Aleksandar Tortevski published indications on serious crime. He says that Saso Ordanovski’s brother, Vanco, who uses the name @mindplumber on Twitter, has taken 350 thousand euros from the state for a fictitious pollution measurement project.

Tortevski and Ordanoski have been on a Twitter war for months, in which Tortevski ultimately decides to throw the gloves and disclose the information.

After all, I have said (and done) against them, neither Grujo, nor Saso nor Horhe have publicly spoken against me. For months with Vanco Ordanovski we are blocked and he persistently attacks me on. SO IS HE SO IN PANIK THAT THE CRIMINAL WITH THE FICTITIOUS INNOVATION WILL BE REVEALED, asks the lawyer Tortevski.

The one who took 350,000 euros for a fictitious project for measuring stations that will measure pollution. For some of my stupid principles, I have not said anything to him for several months, but the man wants to be second Ljupcho Zlatev, so I am taking out his gloves, Tortevski answers to the question of who is the man accused of a crime.

Tortevski is aware that from this “war” one will be put on a stretcher, but says that he does not give up.

I’m already in the ring. Now the other will be taken out on a stretcher.