Ljupcho Palevski, the main suspect in the deaths of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panche Zhezhovski last year, will be extradited as soon as possible, according to Interior Minister Panche Toshkovski. This comes after the Ministry of Justice announced earlier on Tuesday that the extradition has been approved by Turkish authorities.

“The Department for International Police Cooperation notified us today that the individual’s extradition has been authorized. The individual in question is being prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Macedonia; our police officers are in contact with their Turkish counterparts, and it is anticipated that they will take all the necessary steps in the near future to ensure that they are brought to justice “said Toshkovski.

When asked if there was a deadline for Palevski’s extradition, the interior minister responded that there wasn’t one, but Palevski would be brought into the nation as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday that it had received formal notification from Turkey approving Ljupcho Palevski’s extradition.