Macedonian authorities have asked the most important European expert institution to postpone the debate on the opinion on the Macedonian language law, TV Alfa reported.

As Alfa reports, according to a preliminary report by the Venice Commission released on Sunday, full implementation of the language law would jeopardize the functioning of the entire judicial system and impose unrealistic legal obligations on the courts. The official press service of the Venice Commission confirmed for “Alfa” that the debate on the Macedonian language law was postponed at the request of the Macedonian government and that it the government that should provide answers for the postponement.

Immediately after the report was released, the government tried to minimize the commission’s conclusions, but according to Alfa sources, one of the top government officials went a step further and asked the Venice Commission to postpone the debate set for October 18 until mid- December. Some members of the commission say it is an unusual request, but do not want to disclose the arguments of the Macedonian government official. Alfa also asked the government why it asked to postpone the debate on the law on languages, but they were told that they would not comment until they had received the final version of the opinion.

The opinion of the Venice Commission experts is classified, until its adoption by the Commission when it becomes official. The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia will wait until the final and official version of the opinion is published, and will not comment until then, the Government told “Alfa”.