Besmira Ejupi, a former TV presenter that the Government wanted to send as Consul General in New York, in less than a year collected budget funds of almost 12 thousand euros through 39 transactions realized during last year and this year, writes Fokus weekly.

According to the data from the “Open Finance” database, Ejupi in the period 2021-2022 is listed as a recipient of funds from 5 budget bodies under item 425990, which, according to the Rulebook on Classification of Expenditures, indicates “other contractual services”.

Most transactions and the largest payment to Ejupi was registered by the State Attorney’s Office headed by Fehmi Stafa, where through 11 transactions, mainly in the amount of 24,900 denars, and a total of 247,658 denars or about 4,000 euros were paid, starting from April last year until February this year.

The same number of transactions to Ejupi are registered by the Municipality of Cair, which, with the exception of one, amount to 9,000 denars, so that their total value reaches 94,935 denars or about 1,500 euros.