With state prosecutors seemingly intenet to go after a taxi driver suspected of recording powerful SDSM member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski while purchasing cocaine, but not going after Bogoevski himself, Twitter users have expressed their outrage.

In a scene reminiscent of the classical Kubrick movie Spartacus, tweeps have begun claiming that they are the taxi driver and asking that they are investigated in his place. “I’m Pavle’s taxi driver”, is the slogan repeated throughout Twitter. The driver still hasn’t been identified publicly, but Bogoevski met with the police and is believed to have described him.

The ruling SDSM party assumed power after the wiretapping scandal of 2015, when it used wiretaps provided to it by rogue agents from the UBK intelligence agency to bring down the VMRO-DPMNE led Government. At the time, SDSM and its Colored Revolution movement, of which Bogoevski was a leader, insisted that the illegally recorded tapes should be used as evidence and despite them being incomplete or often taken out of context, should be grounds for political accountability of the office holders as well.

SDSM lauded the three intelligence agents who provided them with the tapes as heroic whistleblowers, and Bogoevski is heavily involved in stripping record numbers of opposition members of Parliament of their immunity, allowing them to be prosecuted, or blackmailed by the Zaev regime to vote in his favor. But, now that wiretaps of their own criminal activities are being released, no SDSM requests no accountability from its own officials and wants to prosecute the whistleblower instead.