Two fires are active in the country, between the Strumica villages of Trebicino and Vasilevo and in Tetovo, where the landfill is burning. Teams of the Tetovo Territorial Fire Fighting Unit are on the ground, and they are extinguishing the fire.

The Center for Crisis Management (CMC) informs that the fire in the Strumica region is located on inaccessible, rocky terrain and and it is expected to be extinguished during the day.

During yesterday, eight fires were contained. Those were the fires in the Negotino municipality, Krivolak test site, Caska municipality, the villages of Lisice and Golosinci, the municipality of Ilinden, the village of Miladinovci, the municipality of Delcevo, the village of Star Istvenik, the municipality of Bogdanci, a place called Pogana, the municipality of Ohrid, the village of Leskoec, the municipality of Veles, between the villages of Buzalkovo and Slivnik and the city landfill in the municipality of Stip.