Two politicians from the ruling coalition brazenly violated coronavirus restrictions to stage elaborate weddings. One of them is the Mayor of Centar Sasa Bogdanovic.

He used the recent reopening of the border with Kosovo to marry his fiance in the Gracanica monastery, in a massive wedding that, as photographs revealed, included a person decked in medieval Serbian armor. The wedding was also attended by Jovan Vraniskovski, former bishop of the Macedonian Orthodox Church who joined the Serbian church and has been declared archbishop of Macedonia by it.

The other is Amdi Bajram, the long time leader of the Roma SRM party. Bajram was called out publicly after wedding invitations for his grand-daughter were shared online last week, and he said that he will cancel the wedding due to his respect for the coronavirus restrictions. But this weekend it was revealed that he actually got hundreds of visitors to fly to Istanbul and chartered a boat for a wedding on the Bosphorus.

Photos from both weddings clearly show that there was zero social distancing and only an few guests wearing masks (the knight included).

Meanwhile in Skopje’s village of Glumovo police raided a restaurant on Sunday evening to find 250 people celebrating a wedding. Organizers and participants now face criminal and misdemeanor charges.