The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), the leading voice of Macedonians around the world based in Washington, D.C., on Friday sent a letter of protest to the US State Department reacting to the use of “North Macedonians” by the Deputy Assistant Secretary Gabriel Escobar, and requested a public apology to the Macedonian people.

On Friday, during a press conference, Escobar stated that “North Macedonians are Europeans” without correcting himself or any of the journalists protesting during the press conference. Escobar has been in office for almost two years and had a series of meetings with Macedonian interlocutors, including the Strategic Dialogue on June 2, 2022, and we are surprised that he would make such a “mistake”.

After the signing of the unconstitutional Prespa Agreement in 2018, the international community is increasingly using the word “North Macedonians,” which is contrary to the agreement itself, and insulting to the Macedonian people, who are in the majority against the Prespa Agreement.

Using the word “North Macedonians” continues the long-standing discrimination against the Macedonian people and endangers our human rights inside and outside the country.

UMD is faced with such examples on a daily basis and as before, it will always correct such statements by officials or reports in the media that will wrongly address the Macedonian nation and state,” reads the statement of UMD.