Ohrid Mayor Konstantin Georgievski is expected to attend the Baku meeting of UNESCO carrying a list of a little over a 1.000 unlawfully built houses, commercial and industrial facilities in the Ohrid region, which all contribute to the threat that UNESCO will revoke Ohrid’s status as a world heritage site.

Over 400 of those are built in the protected lakeside area and areas of high cultural and historical importance.

The city and the region were recently hit by reports deliberate destruction of lakeside vegetation for the purpose of beach development, the illegal construction of a minaret in downtown Ohrid, as well as two buildings built by a powerful local official of the DUI party.

Georgievski will be part of the government delegation in Baku. So far he has shrugged off calls from citizens to get to the task of enforcing the law and protecting Ohrid from unlawful construction, but he did tear out a number of palm trees.