US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Byrnes tweeted out a call to the Zaev Government and the prosecutors to act on the major corruption scandal centered around Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. This is the second such call made by the Ambassador.

As we have said previously, these are serious charges that require a serious response that is thorough, transparent & timely. Now is the time for North Macedonia to demonstrate commitment to adherence to the rule of law, Byrnes said while sharing the similar, although more watered down call from European Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

This is the second time the Ambassador made this call. In an interview with Alsat TV in late July, following the arrests of Janeva’s suspected middlemen Boki 13 and Zoki Kicheec, Ambassador Byrnes said that “It’s absolutely critical that in any case of such allegations that those individuals be held responsible and that the Government take action. We recognize and welcome the current steps that the Government has taken to end corruption and to fight impunity but there is more work that can be done and so we will continue to urge Prime Minister Zaev to hold all of his Government officials accountable and to make sure that regardless of the level of office, people have faith in the Government institutions”.

Acting US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker noticeably ignored the major scandal during his recent visit to Macedonia. Shortly after, his assistant charged with the Balkans Matthew Palmer made an direct call that Janeva is investigated. Ignoring the scandal is becoming more and more difficult as tapes proving Janeva’s involvement and even Zaev’s and Radmila Sekerinska’s likely knowledge of the affair became available.