There is an organized chaos in the Parliament which is well directed by the Parliament Speaker in cooperation with the parliamentary majority but also with structures of the Ministry of Interior which are definitely not officials of the Parliament but Xhaferi’s personal guard, VMRO- DPMNE MP Ivanka Vasilevska commented on yesterday’s event in Parliament.

I cannot understand the behavior of people who would allow him to order them to lock the doors of the plenary hall with some nebulous arguments. This is a show of strength and a show of power. That is a very bad picture, Vasilevska said in an interview with Republika.

She explains what exactly happened yesterday in the Parliament.

It was a count because we are in the boycott in the Parliament but we are engaged in every item and thus we show that the slim ruling majority cannot withstand the pressure of the opposition because they do not stand on stable feet. They must bring Menduh Thaci and Ali Ahmeti, otherwise, they do not have a quorum. With our presence and activity, they are also offside because it is obvious that their MPs are not up to date with legal solutions. This is a signal to reflect the state of unsustainability in the most democratic way, says Vasilevska.

Watch part of the interview with Vasilevska which will be published in full on Saturday.