Former Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister of Finance and businessman Zoran Vitanov, father of three children who are going through the educational system in Macedonia, is outraged by the current developments in education.

As the father of 3 children who are students in the Macedonian education system, I want to tell everyone who has anything to do with the current government, to run away from me in every sense of the word for their own good! As a parent, I HAVE A DUTY to protect my children from any harmful influence, and according to what I read, in my 50 years, I have never faced such a harmful influence on my children as the current usurpers of the Republic of Macedonia in general, not only on the educational system!!! SDS people, are you so STUPID that you will keep silent about this too?! Do you have children, you slaves? Are you going to run away, you fools?!?!