VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski accused the powerful DUI party official in Ohrid Nefi Useini of building a cement plant close the shore of lake Ohrid, with potential devastating effects for the environment.

As Ohrid faces losing its status as a UNESCO protected area, the urban mafia continues unopposed, with the full backing of the SDSM party. The latest case of unlawful construction in the protected area is built by Nefi Useini, a DUI member of the city Council, who who recently reportedly attacked another member of the Council for voting against him. Mayor Konstantin Georgievski know about this, but as is the case with all other unlawful builds, he does nothing, Arsovski said.

Useini recently completed work on a commercial build in the center of Ohrid, where he kicked out municipal inspectors who dared investigate. This site is close to the also unlawfully built minaret of the Ali Pasha mosque, which now towers over the old city. Desperate for the Albanian Muslim vote in the presidential as well as the mayoral elections in Ohrid, SDSM allowed all these construction projects to go on.