A large protest will take place on Wednesday afternoon, organized by the VMRO-DPMNE party in resposne to the mafia links in the SDSM – DUI led Government.

One reason for the protest, which opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski called for today, is the attack on outspoken Government critic Ljupco Palevski. The former magazine publisher and businessman was badly beaten up by two masked men who fled on a motorcycle, at a time when he’s frequently revealing compromising reports on Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

Days later, there are still no suspects for the bloody attack in which a critic of the Government was beaten on his head with iron bars. This spent Government has no capacity to deal with crime and corruption and is becoming part of the mafia, Mickoski said.
In his call to protest, Mickoski also named Zaev’s attacks on the press, the refusal of state prosecutors to investigate clear cases of crime and corruption in the Government and the continued politicized attacks on former opposition officials.

The protest march is scheduled for Wednesday at 18:30 and will begin at the Justice Ministry.