VMRO-DPMNE called for the removal of corrupt police official Ljupco Trajkovski from the position of adviser in the important BJB uniformed police office.

Trajkovski is being tried as part of a group of high level police commanders that collaborated with and took bribes from migrant traffickers. He is charged with tipping traffickers off about the locations of police patrols, a service for which he charged 200 EUR per migrant transport.

This latest example of reassigning the former head of the Stip police Ljupco Trajkovski to the position of BJB adviser is yet another example how the ruling SDSM party rewards its loyalists who have committed serious crimes. Absurdly, Trajkovski is appointed to a senior position in the BJB office, which is in charge, among other things, of fighting migrant trafficking, said VMRO-DPMNE official Orce Georgievski.

Trajkovski’s appointment, in the midst of his trial, was made in the final days before Oliver Spasovski relinquished control of the Interior Ministry. The SDSM party official used this period to re-assign and promote a hundred police officials and officers, many of  them apparently for their services toward the SDSM party.