The 2021 budget is undeveloped, not directed at the citizens and creates added value. SDSM plans to spend hundreds of millions without saying on what, said VMRO-DPMNE.

Zaev allocates as much as 641 million euros for other transfers, and no one knows where this money goes. Only for comparison with 50 million euros, a hospital can be built as the Clinical Center in Stip, that is 12 Clinical Centers. 641 million euros are also two highways. 641 million euros is money that could be spent for a better future, but otherwise it will be spent on things that no one will ever know.

The government will spend historically the highest funds only for salaries, in 2021, 20 million euros more will be spent on salaries in public administration, compared to 2020, and the expenditures from the Budget for salaries will be a fantastic and record 510 million euros this year, the party said.

Such wastefulness will be accompanied by high indebtedness. In two years, the government will take a loan of 1 billion and 600 million euros.

VMRO-DPMNE said that while the the government spends money on all kinds of things there is no money for healthcare. Funds for healthcare are unchanged compared to 2020. Unfortunately, in 2021, donations will be collected via SMS, and millions will be thrown at unproductive costs.