Is Vice Zaev active in Skopje as well? Is Vice Zaev, the brother of Zoran Zaev, for whom we heard that he was giving directions whose vehicle to be set on fire, the person who ordered the burning of vehicles in Skopje?, VMRO-DPMNE said on Sunday, asking if new mafia calculations were taking place.

Skopje is becoming like Beirut again. Burned cars everywhere, and SDSM does not react through the institutions, which are still under their control. This only shows that either the mobsters act under their command or that they are incapable of dealing with ordinary criminal calculations that happen in front of their noses. Security in the city of Skopje is at a desperately low level, and no one is held accountable for that. Citizens do not know when someone’s vehicle will be set on fire, or one of them will be robbed or will be a victim of criminal gangs. Nobody feels safe with SDSM in power, the party said.