Katica Janeva is Zoran Zaev’s racketeer. The entire Macedonian public knows that the octopus head is the only pardoned prime minister in Europe. Ruskovska and Jovevski continue to protect crime, protect Zoran Zaev, who is in charge of the racketeering operation of politicians, businessmen, Macedonian citizens, VMRO-DPMNE stressed.

Everyone heard Boki 13 mentioning Zoran Zaev’s name in one of the La Verita audio recordings saying he won’t cause any problems with the racket. Everyone heard Boki 13 after the racket goes to meet Zaev. All but Ruskovska and Jovevski, who lied at a press conference and claimed that there were no politicians involved in the Racket affair. What happened to Koki, Kiki, Friki Sheki and the other members of the racketeering gang, what happened to the SDSM mayors who signed a memorandum of cooperation with the non-governmental organization headed by Boki 13, who is now suspected of serving for money laundering, asks VMRO DPMNE.

VMRO-DPMNE asks: Is Ruskovska’s “investigation” not expanding because she herself knows that if she catches the octopus’s tentacles, she will reach the head?

Why does Ruskovska persistently protects and pardons Zoran Zaev? There is no justice in Macedonia for a long time, the rule of law was abolished by the man who never faced justice, the man who was pardoned three times for serious crime, Zoran Zaev. But the truth always comes to light, Zoran Zaev is ready to betray his closest associates to buy some more time to steal and racketeer. His days in the prime minister’s chair are numbered. The citizens will punish this criminal racketeering gang headed by Zoran Zaev, and then he will be held accountable for all the crimes, and all those who have been protecting the crime instead of prosecuting it will be held accountable too, VMRO-DPMNE says.