Because of the corrupt SDSM and DUI, Macedonia is among the most corrupt countries in Europe, in the company of African countries, said  VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday.

Macedonia is again on the list of Transparency in the company of countries such as Senegal, Vietnam, Tanzania, Ethiopia. The poor ranking is due to the big corruption scandals of the government. The case related to the vaccine provisions remains unclear, as the disappearance of Vice’s name from the criminal charges over the racketeering in REK, there is no responsibility for any corruption scandal or crime in which government officials are involved. Even last year, it was not determined who was wiretapping in the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The government does not intend to fight corruption, it is the cause of it. Radical reforms and a resolute fight against crime are needed, with SDSM and DUI this is not possible. That is why early elections are needed, and a government that will be reform-oriented and with a clear agenda to fight corruption and crime, reads the party’s press release.