VMRO-DPMNE submitted a challenge before the Constitutional Court, after the SDSM led Government adopted a decree to pay back salaries and bonuses to the disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office. The move shocked the public, given that the SPO office was dissolved amid scandal, after it was revealed that its chief Katica Janeva extorted tens of millions of euros from businessmen she was prosecuting, and the unprecedented financial crisis.

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Antonio Milososki said that the SPO was paid by 272.000 EUR each month. “This means that under the decree they will receive additional payments of about two million EUR”, Milososki said.

At a time when our medical professionals lack the necessary equipment, when the ranks of the unemployed are growing, we are paying money to the girlfriend of Lazar Janev, Katica Janeva’s son, to the daughter of the former MEPSO director Saso Vasilevski, to the cousins of SPO prosecutor Gavril Bubevski who were also hired there. These money would be better spent purchasing protective gear for our doctors and nurses and the ambulances which Zoran Zaev promised to purchase four years ago but never did, Milososki said.

The SDSM led Government, which owes its position in power to Janeva’s partisan driven prosecution campaigns, used the powers given to it under the state of emergency to make the unprecedented payment to the former SPO prosecutors, many of whom were suspected of joining Janevea in her racketeering.