From boasting about a stable majority Zaev reduced himself to stories of broad government only to escape responsibility. If his proposal is an escape from responsibility, then he should know that VMRO-DPMNE does not make pacts with criminals, you will end uo in prison, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Sunday.

All this comes after he was forced by the public and international factors to send him to prison, Zaev now takes the place of Saso Mijalkov, with the intention to manage like puppets with those like Todorov who in an alleged shift in VMRO-DPMNE are working for Zaev, for personal gain only. Zoran Zaev’s game is transparent. He is left without the Marriott coalitions, the various doctors of death as they called themselves, and now he is trying to interfere directly in VMRO-DPMNE. The orchestrated action with some former ministers who are no longer part of VMRO-DPMNE shows that Zaev is behind the various initiatives, Marriott coalitions, all in order to cover his fear, said the party.