The Framework Agreement made peace possible, but what the Framework Agreement could not have predicted was the DUI crime that followed. For 20 years, the same political elite has been stealing from its own people. Today we see that the Albanians live as unhappily as the Macedonians, said VMRO-DPMNE MP, Mile Lefkov at Saturday’s press conference, answering a journalist’s question regarding the celebration and costs of the Framework Agreement in times of crisis.

Macedonia has a Framework Agreement but no European future. There is a framework agreement, but Tetovo has no drinking water, Aracinovo has no sewage system. Macedonia has a framework agreement, but young Albanians and Macedonians are moving out. That is the defeat of this government. If we start from this, there is no room for celebration but for responsibility, he emphasized.

When it comes to the celebration, which will cost hundreds of thousands of euros, Lefkov pointed out that neither Albanians nor Macedonians feel that the celebration, which is DUI’s private party, as their own.

It is DUI’s party ahead of the elections in Tetovo. And in no way will Grubi’s private parties bring a better life. This celebration, where hundreds of thousands of euros will be spent, will be organized by a company that has been a major donor to DUI for the past years, a company that deals with everything from printing certificates that are still missing, printing books, to organizing party parties like this one. Party parties of DUI and Grubi will not contribute to a better life, stressed Lefkov.