Half a million euros for donkeys and hairdressers, millions for tenders, if at least part of the money that SDSM distributes to its followers had ended up in healthcare now we would not have witness the largest number COVID-19 infections so far, said VMRO-DPMNE.

Due to the incompetence and negligence of SDSM, almost 600 new COVID-19 patients were registered yesterday.

600 people, that is 600 people with names and surnames, people with families who are victims of the virus because the government that was supposed to adopt a strategy to curb its spread has been doing nothing for 6 months.

All hospitals across the country are overwhelmed, and SDSM, Zaev and Filipce slept all summer and did not equip new hospital facilities, although they knew that an even bigger autumn Covid-19 wave was coming.

The autumn Covid-19 wave hit the citizens, and Zaev and Filipce have not yet procured vaccines against seasonal flu, reads the party’s press release.