Kovacevski must take responsibility and resign, after seeing that the whole country rose up against him, he retaliated, the French proposal is with his signature, according to VMRO DPMNE.

Kovacevski negotiated for 6 months and agreed on the last proposal which, if it were not for the reaction of the people and VMRO-DPMNE, he would have accepted it and that would have meant Bulgarianization for the country. Kovacevski was asked to provide remarks on the proposal a month ago, but he did not have any. Kovacevski wanted to push the proposal through a small door, so he conducted the whole process secretly, without respecting the Macedonian interests. After he was caught negotiating and agreeing on a proposal that is fundamentally contrary to Macedonian interests, he manipulated the public, VMRO DPMNE said in a press release.

Kovacevski can no longer lie to the people. The intellectuals, the academic community, the journalists, the columnists and VMRO-DPMNE exposed it and did not allow the Bulgarianization of the state.

Kovacevski should resign immediately. Elections are needed. Kovacevski, but also SDSM and DUI have no basis to continue to lead the government, said VMRO DPMNE.