Kovacevski to show the document how many MPs from SDS did not sign that they will vote on constitutional amendments. Kovacevski should say whether, after VMRO-DPMNE disclosed about MPs from SDS who do not agree with the policies for constitutional amendments, he called them to group coordination, during which he asked them to sign a document that they would unconditionally support constitutional amendments, which did not happen because the mentioned MPs did not agree, says VMRO-DPMNE.

It is futile to transfer the ball to someone else’s court when Kovacevski cannot fix his own. 3 deputies from the 1st and 2nd electoral districts told him that they will not support constitutional amendments, and 6 deputies from the interior stated that voting on the constitutional amendments is the worst thing they can do. Kovacevski knows that even his MPs will not support constitutional amendments, and that is why he is nervous. The situation is the same in DUI, where an MP asked for money to vote. Both SDS and DUI are moving towards a dead end, and therefore the nervousness is growing day by day, the party says.