VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski called on the Zaev family to explain its involvement in the shipment of marijuana that was intercepted on Friday as it was transported from Bitola toward Skopje. Arsovski said that the party has information that 10,000 enumerated stalks of marijuana were missing from the Medical 420 farm that is owned by the Zaev family.

Each individual stalk has to be numbered. We have information that 10,000 of them were missing, which amounts to more than 200 kilograms of marijuana – which is the quantity that was seized on Friday. As Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev personally approved the marijuana growing license to this company, Arsovski said.

Zaev’s cousin Trajce Zaev and his in-law Boban Zaev own a company in Bulgaria named Medical 420 BG. Arsovski asked the “Zaev cartel” to explain the links between this company and the farm in Bitola. He pointed to the fact that the Prilep police commissioner Kire Spirkoski, named by the Zaev regime, was arrested as he was escorting the shipment of marijuana, as was Aleksandar Usilkovski, personal driver of Trajce Zaev. The two were captured in an iconic picture made several years ago, as Uslikovski illegally parked a pricey Mercedes Maybach in downtown Skopje while Trajce Zaev was seen loading bags of BOSS designer clothes in the trunk. Another of the six men arrested on Friday was reportedly part of the private security detail protecting Trajce Zaev.

Why won’t Zoran Zaev and Trajce Zaev address the public and clear out these allegations once and for all?, Arsovski asked, adding that there are reports that Trajce Zaev left Macedonia and is currently in Dubai.

The arrests were made in coordination with the US authorities, namely the DEA drug agency. The US Embassy confirmed that it cooperated with and provided technical assistance to the Macedonian police.