Public Prosecutor at the proposal of the opposition, prevention of revanchism, pressure and political labeling in the administration, establishment of Commission for Protection against Discrimination, reopening of all cases where injustice was felt. These are the four requests VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski made at Wednesday’s protest, who said that “justice in Macedonia is under attack”.

The first request, Mickoski pointed out, is the fulfillment of the promise given, as he said, by the “mafia when it was in opposition”, to give the opposition the opportunity to propose an independent and impartial Public Prosecutor, who, as he said, “will eradicate crime”, starting from the first case ending with the last, regardless of political affiliation.

This should not be an obstacle for Zaev, because he proposed the same before coming to power. Public prosecutor at the proposal of the opposition, said Mickoski.

Second, he urgently called for the prevention of revanchism, pressure and political labeling in the administration, the military, the Ministry of Interior. To all who have been wronged, regardless of affiliation and political orientation.

VMRO-DPMNE offers them free legal aid. All those who feel oppressed and are under pressure from the government, are the target of revenge by the government, VMRO-DPMNE is available for free legal aid.

Third, said Mickoski, the country is currently without a Commission for Protection against Discrimination. He demanded the most urgent establishment of the commission and the adoption of a new Law on Protection against Discrimination.

Those who are subject to blackmail, threats must be protected, said Mickoski.

Fourth, he added, all cases that are known to the public, where injustice, pressure, blackmail and revenge are felt, where justice is not protected, all cases of crime, for which the government is now silent, to be opened and revised. Equally, said Mickoski, to be subject to analysis of why no action was taken, and should have been taken.